How do we produce fabrication metal parts for our customers?

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Update time : 2022-12-03 16:14:25

How do we produce fabrication metal parts for our customers?


Part of the custom-made products in November 2022.

Various materials like AISI
 304, Aluminum 6061-T6, Stainless Steel PH 17-4 for different industries with diversified processing.

Modul Basis, Biom Call Jig, C Head X Rotation Position, Color T Detection Head Adapter, Color T Detector Head Flange, Comer Bracket Mapping System, Head Angle Adjuster, Head Hard Point Angel, Etc.


Material: AISI 304, Aluminum 6061-T6, Stainless Steel PH 17-4.


Specification Dimension Notes:

1) General flatness ,parallelism and perpendicularity.

2) Dimensional limits apply before coating or plating.

3) Deburr and remove sharp edges


Processing&Finish Notes:

1) Masking threaded holes.

2) Sandblast on external visible surfaces to remove all.

3) Tool marks for obtain homogeneous matte surface.

4) Stainless steel electropolishing per iso 15730/astm b912.

5) Anodic coating per mil-a-8625 type ii 2 to 25 micron thick class 1 clear

6) Fix part using threaded holes during anodic coating process, or use marked area.

7) Cleaning


Inspection Notes:

1) Visual inspection 100%

2) All dimensions marked x.x are for inspection.

3) Identification and traceability - location approx as shown.

4) Mark p.n rev and p.o no. per mil-std-130 by laser/milling, engraving

5) Characters text height 1.25 mm.

Packaging & Packing:

The finished part be preserved and packaged.

Protected by wrapping, cushioning, separation and rigid cartonizing.