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Xiamen Duanshuo Machining Tech. Co., Ltd. is a trading company which established based on the original factory Xiamen Qiguan Technology Co., Ltd. in 2014. As sheet metal processing division which specialize in precision virious metal material stamping parts.
From bending, punching, laser cutting to welding complete enclosures and other fabricated parts. Capable of handling material
ranging from light and medium, heavy gauge aluminum to copper, steel, stainless steel, brass, fiberglass and other material of various shapes, sizes and finishes. 

To expand the production line, our second facility was established in 2017, Xiamen XinChuanJia Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd. as CNC machining department which dedicated to close tolerance fabrication machining process including turning, milling, planing, grinding, broaching, drilling, reaming, honing, polishing, super-finishing and automatic technology, CNC technology, group technology, combined machine tools, assembly line, automatic line etc.. 

After years of experience accumulation and customer accumulation our trading company was established in January 2021 with independent import and export capabilities.
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Our Service
We provide the complete gambit of metal manufacturing services. All of our services are designed to ensure quality, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Customers can choose from:

CNC Machining

Metal Stamping

Sheet Metal fabrication

We also provide specialized services as a secondary option: 
Value Added Services: These include processes related to material grinding, deburring, sandblasting, plating and other surface treatment.
Product Assembly: We provide the option of complete product assembly. This allows clients to begin using the product from the moment it is delivered.
Just in Time (JIT) Delivery: JIT provides benefits of on-time delivery, discounted prices, and complete inventory management.

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ISO Certification
We have always been committed to quality, continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. This ISO certification reinforces that commitment to better serve our customers.


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Industry Supplier
Our primary clients are organizations who work as:

The combination of our Knowledge, Experience, and Services makes the difference in setting us apart from other custom metal machining providers. From design to delivery, we are with our clients right to the end.

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